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2011 USACE Flood Risk Management And Silver Jackets Workshop
Sharing Experience in Driving Down Flood Risk

August 15-19, 2011
Nashville, Tennessee

The 2011 USACE Flood Risk Management and Silver Jackets Workshop was held in Nashville, Tennessee on August 15—19. The focus of the workshop was "Sharing Experience in Driving Down Flood Risk." The workshop emphasized interagency activities in managing flood risk, including those of FEMA, the USACE Flood Risk Management and Silver Jackets programs, other Federal agencies, and state and local initiatives such as hazard mitigation plans. The workshop's 250 participants discussed program policy, strategies, successes and challenges. Participants could choose from many sessions to learn more about:

  • Understanding the 2010 Nashville Floods Experience
  • Risk MAP Program — An Opportunity to Further Collaborate
  • Experiences in Reducing Flood Risk through Interagency Collaboration
  • Achieving Environmental Success in Flood Risk Management
  • Life-Cycle Opportunities in Flood Risk Management: What are you doing to reduce risk?
  • USACE Levee Safety Portfolio Management
  • Communicating Flood Risk to the Public

Presentations are now available for viewing and downloading on the Presentation page.



Photo of Nashville City Skyline
Nashville City Skyline

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